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The Journey of Ammar Mirza CBE:

Entrepreneurial Excellence and Community Advocacy

Explore the impactful journey of Ammar Mirza CBE, celebrated for nurturing over 12,000 SMEs and establishing 700+ new businesses. His innovation-centric ethos has not only elevated the North East's business sphere but also significantly contributed to community and educational sectors. Ammar's narrative is a compelling synthesis of entrepreneurial prowess, community enrichment, and educational advancement, with notable honors like the CBE appointment in 2014 underlining his exemplary contributions.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Ammar Mirza is synonymous with business growth and innovation in the North East. His entrepreneurial journey is laden with the establishment and scaling of several hundred businesses, earning him a prestigious reputation in the business community.


He holds the chair of the Business Growth Board and serves as the SME representative on the North East LEP Main Board. As the Founder and Chairman of the not-for-profit social enterprise, Asian Business Connexions, and the President of the Federation of Asian Business, Ammar has been a vanguard of promoting business inclusivity and diversity.

Educational Advocacy

A deep-rooted passion for enterprise education drives Ammar's initiatives in the academic sphere. His past tenure as the Chair of Governors of a Primary School and Chair of the Progression Forum reflects his commitment to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

As a David Goldman visiting Professor of Practice at Newcastle University, he continually inspires students and educators alike. His brainchild, the Primary Inspiration through Enterprise (PIE) Project Charity launched in 2013, is a pioneering effort in delivering enterprise vocational qualifications to primary age pupils in the UK.

Ammar Mirza CBE's commitment to educational advocacy is both broad and deep:

  • Spearheading enterprise education through positions held at Newcastle University

  • Launching the Primary Inspiration through Enterprise (PIE) Project Charity, a novel initiative in the UK

  • Numerous leadership roles in academic institutions, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among youth


His educational advocacy is a cornerstone of his broader mission to create a thriving, inclusive community.

Honors and Recognitions

The journey of Ammar Mirza CBE is illuminated by a series of prestigious honors and recognitions that underscore his significant contributions to business and community:

  • Awarded the title of CBE in 2014 for outstanding services to Business and the Community

  • Crowned British Asian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019

  • Featured in the illustrious list of Maserati top 100 Entrepreneurs

  • Ranked among the Williams and Glyn top 50

  • Recipient of the coveted Institute of Directors Special Judges Award

  • Honored with the British Community Honours Award

These accolades are not mere tokens but a testament to Ammar's indefatigable spirit and relentless pursuit towards fostering entrepreneurial growth and community welfare. Each recognition narrates a tale of his dedication, his vision, and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. His accolades inspire many to tread the path of enterprise, innovation, and community service, making Ammar Mirza a beacon of motivation and a quintessential figure in the realm of business and societal development​.

Community Involvement and Other Endeavours

Ammar Mirza CBE's voyage beyond business realms showcases a profound commitment to societal betterment:

  • Chairman and Founder of Asian Business Connexions, facilitating an inclusive business support network

  • Founder of SME Centre of Excellence, nurturing over 12,000 SMEs

  • Notable involvement in various educational and housing projects

  • Noteworthy positions within Your Homes Newcastle, and Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums Development Trust

  • Unwavering support for charitable causes, raising £2.5m over a decade

Ammar's multifaceted engagements reflect a lasting dedication to fostering community growth and organisational excellence, embodying a blend of entrepreneurial vigor and civic responsibility.

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